Hydropel vs. BodyGlide LP | The Results!

Hydropel vs. BodyGlide Blister Challenge

It was recently brought to my attention that I did not report back on the results of my 'Hydropel vs. BodyGlide Blister Challenge' post from Aug 2011, just prior to my trip to Mt. Whitney - shout out and thanks to 'dkramalc' on the BPL forums for keeping me honest.

For those that are new to my blog or who missed my previous post, here's a recap:

As part of my upcoming trip to Mt. Whitney in a few weeks, I'll be doing a side-by-side test of Hydropel (right foot) and BodyGlide Liquified Powder (left foot) to see once and for all if Hydropel deserves the hype and cult following status that it has.

I'd like to personally thank Hydropel and BodyGlide for being the unofficial sponsors of my feet. Naturally, being the gram weenie that I am, I have repackaged both products into tiny 3ml dropper bottles and will be taking 9g of each with me on my trip. I'm excited to see how the two products compare.

Hydropel vs. BodyGlide

Is Hydropel really as good as all the hype? I'm sure you've all read about it like I have and probably wondered if it's really as good as everyone says it is, and more importantly, whether it's worth $20 for a 2oz tube? That's a lot of money even if it does last a long time.

If a 1.6 fl oz tube of BodyGlide Liquified Powder only costs $10 at REI, why then does a 2.0 fl oz tube of Hydropel cost $20? Is the hype driving up the price or is Hydropel, with almost identical ingredients to BodyGlide LP, really a superior product?

Hydropel vs. BodyGlide Blister Challenge

I used both products daily during my climb of Mt. Whitney last year. It was hot, my feet sweated and I had the perfect building ground for hot spots and blisters - which is quite normal for me. Side note: the Scarpa Epic trail runners that I wore were not very breathable and made my feet sweat pretty bad.

My results did not surprise me in so much as both of my feet survived the trip up and down Mt. Whitney without so much as a hot spot or blister. So what does that mean?

Hydropel vs. BodyGlide Blister Challenge

Simply put it means that, in my side-by-side test of two competing products, the one that costs half the price of the leading, and most hyped, brand performed just as well as the other. To be fair both products are great at what they are intended for.

If you already have a tube of Hydropel and are using it, then I'd say you should keep using it, but if you're looking to buy one of these I'd recommend you hop on down to your nearest REI store and save yourself $10 and shipping (I could only find Hydropel online!) by buying a tube of BodyGlide LP - your feet and your wallet will thank you for it.

Have you used BodyGlide LP or Hydropel, if so what were your results?

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Disclosure: The author (Brian Green) owns these products and paid for them using small furry animals. No dollar bills were harmed in the making of this post.

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