One of the lucky few

Atwood G2 GasbabyAfter many months of admiring the work of Peter Atwood, I was finally lucky enough to see a new batch of tools go online and order one before they sold out. They typically sell out within minutes of Peter posting them on his site for sale!

I have been waiting to get a G2 Gasbaby (see pic) or Area 51 Keyton for longer than I care to admit, and this weekend my patience paid off.

I have a stonewashed G2 Gasbaby made of CPM S30v cutlery steel on it's way to me in the next few days. These are based on Peter's original Prybaby but with a few additional features such as; pry end with nail puller/wire stripper notch, straight screwdriver tip, bottle opener area with 3/8" wrench cutout, an oxygen wrench opening, acetylene B tank wrench and a 1/4" hex opening for standard size screwdriver bits. I'll post some pictures when it arrives.

The Atwood has landed

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