Mini pocket prybars

I've recently been looking for more affordable and available alternatives to Peter Atwood tools and gadgets and think I have come up with a really nice little custom tool myself. Well, when I say "myself" what I really mean is an existing mini prybar tool that I added a Peter Atwood style custom cord wrap to.

I found a great website for gadgets and tool related paraphernalia called CountyComm. They sell, among other things, two really neat little pocket prybars that were originally developed for supply to the US Military/Govt. They call them the Widgy Prybar and Micro Widgy Prybar and they are really neat. Below is a picture from the CountyComm site showing the standard Widgy Prybar.

Unfortunately they don’t come with any kind of cord wrap on them which is fine, but I wanted to see what they would feel like with a wrap. So with the aid of Peter Atwood’s excellent cord wrap video, I added some green and gray 550 paracord around my two Micro Widgy Prybars.

I love the final result which you can see in these pictures.

There is also a video guide on the CountyComm site showing how they like to wrap the prybars with paracord, but I prefer the look and final result of the Peter Atwood style cord wrap.

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