Hello Charlotte

Moving stinks! It's that simple. There's just too much tied up emotionally and physically in moving from one home to the next that guarantees you will have a hard time of it despite however much help you get. I would like to say that I recommend hiring professional movers, but after the experience we just went through I'd have to re-evaluate the benefits of the physical savings against the hefty price of emotional stress.

The good news is that we survived the move and are now (somewhat) settled into our beautiful new home in Charlotte, NC. The bad news is that we have dozens of boxes of our belongings left to unpack with no place for things to go. It's not that we have less space, on the contrary as this house is considerably bigger, it's more that we don't have things organized as well as we did in our old house. That will take time and eventually everything will get unpacked and we'll find our new rhythm.

Using professional movers was good in that it allowed us to avoid the heavy physical exertion of packing and moving boxes and furniture, but it was bad in that no one really cares for your belongings as much as you do yourself and while there may be insurance and reimbursement for breakages there is sometimes no way to replace things that are lost or broken. We were lucky and had very few broken or "missing" items but there are always the inevitable damages that just would not have happened if we had moved things ourselves. That said we're all here in our new home safe and sound, so I really shouldn't complain.

Now comes the fun of starting again from scratch. Decorating, buying new furniture and making all those small modifications to a home that personalize it. This time around we will have family close by and will have the advantage of amazingly good weather and true Southern hospitality (goodbye D.C.). Jack has already taken to the new house and loves to be outside as much as possible, which is easily done with our spacious back yard and quiet neighborhood and streets. All that outdoor air means Jack is a very tired boy at night :-)

Beth is in D.C. this week finishing up her last few days at her job. She had been on maternity leave but agreed to go back to work and tie up any loose ends that were caused by the move to Charlotte. She will be finishing her job just as finish mine and start my new one. It's an exciting time for both of us but also a sad one. Moving is hard and despite however much you may think that you dislike somewhere it's always harder that you thought to just up and leave - there's a very odd kind of comfort in what is familiar.

Well, lots to do and not so much time left to do it all in. Maggie is doing great and Jack is growing up fast he started going potty this week! I'll post an update as soon as things settle down some more.

Backpacking at South Mountain, NC

New town, new house