Blog tool dilemma

So now that I am finally getting back into the habit of updating my blog I'm finding that the method I use (custom install of moveable type) is a huge pain in the ass to access and configure unless I'm on my home PC, and even then it's an entirely manual process to make the simplest changes.

I'm less concerned these days about making the theme match my personal website. In fact I've found it prudent to detach my blog form my personal website and domain for professional reasons, not that I am writing anything bad about my work, company, or the people I work with - but you never know.

I've tried Blogger, but that would require me to start from scratch as it doesn't allow me to import the entries from my moveable type installation. Pros and cons there.

WordPress on the other hand allowed me to create an account and import my entire archive or previous entries including all of the comments, tags, links, etc - how cool is that. (

So the questions is: should I stay (MT) or should I go (WP)? If anyone has any good feedback let me know, at this point I'm tempted to cut the MT strings and switch to WP from this point forward. Not sure if there's an easy way to notify folks who are subscribing to the RSS feed of this blog that I've moved? Hmm have to look into that.

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