Uwharrie: Pictures from the trail

One of the main reasons to get outside and go hiking is to enjoy the scenery, but I often forget to stop and admire the small details that are easily missed along the trail. So on my last trip I remembered to pack my handy dandy digital camera and took some close-up pictures to show you what you're missing by staying at home on that couch!

First up is a massive spider that was right in front of my face as I leaned down to pick up my water bottle. Yeah this is a close-up, but trust me this thing was scary big!

There were some really interesting and very colorful plant life growing down low in the leaves. I have no idea what this one is and it looks like it belongs deep in the ocean on the side of a coral reef - quite beautiful really.

Here's another strangely colored little fungi. Clearly not one that you would ever want to attempt eating or cooking, but perfectly formed and sitting under some twigs on the leafy trail floor.

Another large cap mushroom growing quite happily, again not one that I was able to immediately identify, so no eats!

Being outside and enjoying the natural surroundings is great, but sometimes you want a little of the home comforts with you like freshly toasted English Muffins. Here's Andy using our camp fire to toast up his breakfast :)


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