Fabricating Alcohol Stoves

Not wanting to be out done by the small titanium stove, I decided to make some aluminum alcohol stoves myself based on the design made famous by the Bill at White Box Stoves. I'm not making these for a profit or in competition to the original but rather wanted to see how well I could make one or two for myself.

For me the hardest part was finding the aluminum soda/beer bottles! Once I had those I was pretty much ready to go having read and watched many great examples of how to build these neat little stoves online.There are some examples of these that use a small wick wrapped around them that serves as the primer, but I thought that looked ugly and was unnecessary. So instead I use a small priming pan (glamorous term for flat piece of the leftover aluminum) to heat the stove quickly.

Other than finishing these stoves off on my grinder wheel to remove the paint and polish them up a bit, I was able to knock these out in about 10 minutes. Not bad considering these sell for $20 online. I've tested every one of these and they work great - I'll have to add some pictures of one burning so that you can see.

I'll also try and post some pictures of how I made them later but for now here are some pictures of the four I cranked out in no time at all :)

5 minute soda can stove

Toying with Titanium | Alcohol Stove