Black-Ops Soda Can Stoves

I've been going nuts trying to perfect my soda can stove construction over the last few weeks and below is the final result - the one I'm calling the Black-Ops Stove. Why? Well it seems all stoves need to have a cool nickname and this one sounded appropriate. All joking aside, this is a finely made ultralight alcohol stove that will boil two cups of water in under 5 mins and weighs in at under 1oz.

The construction of this stove has evolved through the iterations to where there are now over 15 individual steps in the process. I've also fine tuned all of the measurements so that the height of the stove, spacing of the jets, and height of the jets from the top rim help to ensure the stove performs optimally each time.

The main joint is sealed and welded to ensure a pressure tight fit. The holes are drilled precisely at a specific distant apart to ensure even cooking/heating.  There's really nothing drastically new in this design, for the most part it's the one made famous by Tinny at MiniBullDesign and I give him full credit where it is due - but the small tweaks and refinements do make this a very rugged and reliable lightweight alcohol stove.  I hope you like it. This will now be replacing my SnowPeak GigaPower stove on all my trips for the foreseeable future!

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