Platypus CleanStream Gravity Filter

I've been a huge fan of Jason Klass' home-made Platypus gravity filtration system for some time, so much so that I copied the entire set up and now use that as my ultralight water filtration system of choice. Below is a video by Jason describing how his system works and the basic components necessary to make your own inexpensive gravity filtration system.

Enter Platypus! They've obviously been listening to their customers (and definitely Jason) because they've just released their own version of the two bag gravity filtration system. Even down to the labels used to indicate which bag is the dirty water bag and which one is the clean bag! It's not cheap, coming in at around $90 at REI and it's definitely more than doing it yourself - but for those of you that like the simplicity of buying a ready-done solution, this looks like a good one.

One difference is that the Platypus system used 4-liter bags instead of 2-liter ones like Jason, it also doesn't seem to have the flexibility of the system Jason came up with as it doesn't come with a bite valve. I'll probably take a look at one in the store, but I'm certainly not going to change the one I have right now which works great!

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