Alcohol Stove Mass Production?

I've had lots of inquiries about my alcohol stoves asking if I would be interested in selling them. I hadn't thought that much about making them to sell and to be honest I really didn't want the hassle of dealing with everything that goes along with selling - shipping, payments, e-mails, and definitely don't want to compete or steal sales from the original developers.

However, it seems that there is continued interest from the ultralight backpacking crowd to purchase my stoves - remember I'm not the original inventor or manufacturer of any of these but I do take care in the work I do and pride myself on high quality.  I'm being quite honest at the fact that I have made these stoves based on the instructions and designs made available online - I'll even link to the original manufacturers site's below.

So I'll leave it up to you all to decide if you want me to make my stoves available to purchase online. If I get enough responses via e-mail (see my profile) or comments to this post I'll set up a Paypal e-commerce site and some pages specifically for purchasing my stoves and go from there.

As you can see in the photo below, I have been cranking out stoves for a while mostly to perfect the process but largely because they're fun to make despite being able to only use one at a time :)

I've been playing with three different stove models, all of which function perfectly but weight and style comes down to personal taste and the individual.

  •  Classic soda can stove but with no tape or glued seems - very light and quick to prime
  • A two-piece aluminum beer bottle stove based on the classic Whitebox Stove design, but without rivets and with no need to create a rolled top edge - very strong and super easy to use
  • My version of the Minibull BIOS stove. Made from aluminum beer bottles and created from a single piece by inverting the walls. Almost indistructible and extremely reliable and easy to use

Below is a photo of my garage work bench showing my one-ton arbor press and a Bud-Lite stove about to be formed using the mold. There's really no other easy way to make these unless you have a very powerful press.  It's been a little trial and error perfecting this process, but I am able to consistently make very high quality and perfectly functional one-piece alcohol stove this way.  I currently carry one of these with me when I go backpacking.

Alcohol Stove Mass Production

Here is a close-up of the press with a Bud-Lite stove blank ready to be pressed with the smaller mould on the top. It takes only seconds to make one of these once the blank has been cut. Note that I place a small square piece of thick metal plate on top of the stove before I actually press it into shape, but it's been removed in this photo - it's actually hiding on the left side of the press :)

My one tonn press

Home-made Camera Tripods

My Alcohol Stove & Trail Cooking System