Fractured Ribs

photoI've been having pain in my ribs for the past two weeks due to an accidental kick during karate sparring one evening at class. The pain had been subsiding, but this past Sunday it took a sudden turn for the worst and I decide I should go get it looked at.

With the holiday weekend and not wanting to bother ER, I waited until Tuesday to see my own doctor and have him check me out. The pain had subsided once more to the point where it is still hurting but no longer severe.  As my doctor was checking my ribs it was clear that all of his pushing and probing wasn't causing me any major discomfort, so imagine my shock when the "routine" x-rays come back showing that I have four fractured ribs (#7, 8, 9, 10) and even more scary - four old broken ribs that I didn't even know I had done and definitely didn't get any medical attention for!

I had a karate tournament coming up in two weeks that I was excited about sparring in, but my doctor made it clear that I really shouldn't participate in the tournament and should take it easy for next few weeks. I'm such a mess. picks up my blog post

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