Rite in the Rain and a No. 2 Pencil

I've carried a small notepad with me wherever I go for the longest time, usually a small lined or grid pattern Moleskine that fits into my back pocket.  The main reason for doing so is to have some paper on hand the instant I think of something interesting or that I would like to get around to doing at some point in the future.  You see, if I don't write it down right away it's usually gone from memory shortly thereafter.  Being on the trail is no exception, in fact great ideas jump into my mind on an even more frequent basis while hiking, it must be the fresh air that provides more clarity of thought.

Rite in the Rain: Notepad Cover

The trouble was that my Moleskine and other small notepads were tough enough to be carried around and abused for the most part but couldn't withstand hardly any damp at all, yet alone an accidental splash or drop in water.  Like many others backpackers plagued by soggy paper woes, I solved the problem by turning to the amazing all-weather writing products from Rite in the Rain.

Since the 1920s, Rite in the Rain have been producing special all-weather paper and a wide range of notepads made specifically to shed water in any weather condition. I also like that it's made in the U.S.A. and costs no more than a regular small pocket notepad from wally world (mine was under $4.00).

Rite in the Rain: Inside cover

Rite in the Rain offers a wide range of paper products and notepads to choose from, including spiral bound, flexible covers, copier paper, loose sheets, kits, and even index cards (hmm, heads up to all the HipsterPDA users out there!).  I opted for the classic, bright yellow covered field-flex 3 1/2" x 5" pocket notepad (374-M). It's small and light weight and the bright yellow cover means that there is little to no chance of me not seeing or finding it if I drop it or put it down on the ground while I do something else. It has 112 pages (56 sheets) and weighs only 0.15 lb.

The Rite in the Rain product development team have also used their heads to provide some really useful features on the front and back inside covers of the notepads too, like small rulers in both inches and centimeters, linear and metric conversion tables, and map reading scales - pretty hand eh?

Rite in the Rain: Trail notes

I tend to use a standard No.2 pencil (HB for my friends back in the UK) instead of an ink-based pen, not because I don't like writing with pens or that I have concerns about the ink fading or getting washed away, far from it, I just like the simplicity and way the pencil "feels" while writing on this type of special paper - it has a very smooth surface that takes pencil very nicely and doesn't smudge at all.  A pencil is also easy to sharpen and works well in the wet.

If you're looking for a notepad or paper to take with you on the trail, or if you just looking for a well priced, high quality pocket-sized notepad, be sure to check out the Rite in the Rain product line. I've been a fan quite some time and know that you will be too as soon as you start using one.

Manufacturer: Rite in the Rain (http://riteintherain.com/)

Disclosure: The author owns this product and paid for it using their own funds.

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