Contest: Alcohol Stove FREE Giveaway!

As many of you may recall, earlier this year I went through what can only be described as an "alcohol stove making frenzy" where I produced dozens of slightly different alcohol stoves in an effort to refine the making process and produce a cheap and reliable stove for my own personal use.  I learned a tremendous amount about alcohol stoves by building them myself through trial and error and would highly recommend that if you're at all interested in doing the same you try it at least once.

The flip side of my stove making "frenzy" is that I have a LOT of leftover stoves sitting around in my garage.  Just to be clear, I've thrown away all the prototypes so none of the remaining stoves are by any means sub-par. But I see the darn things just sitting there in my garage every day and can't help thinking that they would be perfect to give away to other like-minded backpackers who want to try an alcohol stove for themselves, even if all you do is use it as templates to make your own.

Alcohol Stove Mass Production

So here's the deal. I'm going to be giving away an unused soda-can alcohol stove to one lucky reader, picked at random, each month until I run out of stoves to give away. According to my most recent inventory check, I have enough stoves to do this each month for at least a full year :)

To qualify for the free monthly draw all you need to do is any one of the following:

At the end of each month, I will put all of the names of my blog subscribers/followers into a single list and use to pick a winner.  I'll announce the winner after each drawing and even ship the stove for free. There's no need to enter the draw twice.  I'll include existing subscribers into each subsequent draw, so that everyone continues to have a chance at winning until the very last drawing. All decisions are final.

As always, full credit is given toTinny at MiniBullDesign for coming up with the original stove design, for teaching us all how to make stoves for ourselves, for leading the way in light weight stove design, and for continually innovating!

Good luck everyone!

Update: As I only posted this article on Nov 23rd, I'm going to wait until the end of December to make the first drawing.

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