DIY: Reflective Zipper Pulls

Reflective Zipper Pulls

A friend recently remarked on the brightly colored zipper pulls that I have on several of my jackets, and it reminded me that this would probably be a good subject and backpacking tip to share with everyone else.

The photo above shows three of my jackets with some of my DIY reflective zipper pulls made using short lengths of Kelty Triptease, a highly reflective and very strong cord used mostly for replacing tent guylines and simple plastic cord stoppers.  The two zipper pulls on the right have AeroWave whistle cord pulls that I got from and love attaching to my backpacking jackets as an emergency backup whistle - they're also perfect for putting on small children's jackets.  You never can tell when they might need a whistle and what better way is there to always know that they have one handy?

There are many good sources for the zipper pull accessories online and check out your local REI which usually stock a fair selection of these types of smaller items in their bagged accessories section.  Do any of you perform small mods to your clothing like me? If so please share with the rest of us by leaving a comment on this post.

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