Geomate.jr Update Kit

Updating our Geomate.jr

Well today I finally got round to updating our Apisphere Geomate.jr using the very cool little updating cable kit.  The kit is a separate purchase and costs around $25 depending where you buy it from.

When I purchased our Geomate.jr several months ago it was running the firmware that was pre-installed from the factory, so all of the geocaches were current as of that time (April 2009). As new caches are being added every day we were potentially missing out on new opportunities to get outside and go "treasure hunting" with the kids. So we wanted to be able to stay as current as possible. The caches are updated using the latest database.

The updating process is extremely simple (I'll explain the only glitch I experienced a bit later). You go to the Geomate update website (, download and install their update program, plug in the cable, connect your Geomate.jr and click on the large 'Update' button on the screen - that's it!  When I plugged in my Geomate.jr it was running firmware version V1002 RE X2 and database version DB USA All 4/19/2009. After the update (which took about 2 minutes) I was running firmware version V1004 RE X2 and database version DB USA All 1/3/2010. 

The instructions for the updating process are very clear and easy to follow.  the download and installation of the Apisphere updating software went exactly as described. The only glitch that I experienced was when I first came to plug in the Geomate.jr device and click on the 'Update' button.  The browser based software showed an error message saying:

The Geomate.jr detection failed.
Unit Firmware: Unknown firmware version.
Unit Database: Unknown database version

Guessing that the installation of the cable itself was the issue, I rebooted the computer and tried again. It recognized the cable and the Geomate.jr as soon as they were plugged in and the update process worked perfectly, taking about 2 mins to complete from start to finish.  I think this was more of a failure of the Windows XP plug-n-play operating system than it was of the Geomate software/cable.  Overall I was very impressed and pleased at how easy the update was to perform. If you have a Geomate.jr then I would definitely recommend that you get the update kit if you haven't already - well worth the money :)

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