Reusable Ultralight D-Ring

A while back Jason Klass created a video showing how to add an ultralight D-ring to your pack using a nylon cable tie.  I've used Jason's technique for quite some time with great success but I've always been disappointed when I've had to occasionally move/remove the cable tie for various reasons and didn't have another one handy to replace it.

I could just carry a few spare nylon ties around with me as part of my kit and that would probably solve the problem, but instead I went looking for an alternative solution to see if I could find something similarly light-weight but with better options for reuse.  To my surprise I found what I was looking for within the aviation industry, proof that you have to keep your eyes open for opportunities outside of where you would think to normally look.

Close up of a 6" aviation cable

I discovered that A&P (airframe & powerplant) mechanics have been using little cable rings to keep their keys and other small tools neatly organized for a long time. They are made from very strong stainless steel aviation cable with brass screws and barrels.  Searching online I was able to find a supplier of these nifty little cables (CountyComm) and ordered a few to test them out myself. They make for very handy and secure key chains too!

My keys on an small aviation cable

CountyComm stocks them in two lengths 6" and 12", I ordered the smaller 6" version which would be more than adequate for my needs.  The 6" cable weighs a mere 0.125oz, probably a lot more than a nylon zip tie which my weighing scales were unable to detect!

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