The Sky's the Limit!

I would like to share some news of my recent partnership with the OpenSky Project, an online community of shopkeepers. OpenSky is full of people like me who are passionate about their specific areas of interest and provide you with their "expert" opinion on items you may be looking to purchase.

This is just a sneak peak for now as there are only 3 items in my store at this time, but I have requested many more items that are being sourced as we speak. Through my new store, I get to recommend and offer things I personally use and can't do without. This is not just another online store selling whatever is currently popular. Each of the items in my store have been hand-picked by me as trail-tested pieces of gear that I feel comfortable recommending to others. I'm being pretty picky about what goes there as you can imagine. If I am going to endorse it, I gotta' love it.

OpenSky takes care of all of the sourcing and shipping through their extensive resources and vendor partnerships. I simply pick the items that I personally recommend and they go and find them - no substitutions. Of course I make a small percentage of the sale by doing so and use that to pay for my backpacking (habit) purchases so that I can continue to review and test gear to blog about for you.

Stay tuned for an official store launch announcement once I have completed setting up my store. If you want to check it out right now you can get to it here: Sneak Peak

I look forward to bringing you the best gear possible and hope that you find the reviews and recommendations useful.

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