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Ranger Pacing Beads Giveaway!

Ranger Pacing Beads - Giveaway!

I have three sets of Ranger Pacing Beads to give away this month.  You may recall my recent blog post about how to measure your distance using strides in which I described how to use pacing beads for keeping track of the number of strides/paces you've taken.

These are sets that I have made using three different colors of gutted 550 paracord; olive drab, blaze orange and ACU grey.  They all use the same black nylon beads and are approximately the same length/size.  The orange set has Matthew Walker knots instead of the simple overhand knots that I used on the other two sets and that are typically used in commerically available Ranger bead sets.  I don't know why I made the orange set that way, I just decided to tie Matthew Walker knots on that set as I was making them.  After doing so I relaized that it is a much straighter knot and works well in this application.

How to Enter
To enter the giveaway for one of the sets of Ranger Beads, leave a comment below describing how (if at all) you track your distance during hikes and include any advice you would give to fellow backpackers who might just be getting started or learning this handy estimation technique.  That's all it takes, pretty easy!

    At the end of August, I will use to pick three winners from the list of people who have left comments (only one entry per person, please).  I'll select one of the three winners to also receive one of my Black-Ops soda can alcohol stoves too.

    Good luck to everyone and I look forward to reading your comments.

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