Something I Never Hike Without

Everyone has a special piece of gear that they never want to be without on the trail. It could be an item of clothing, a favorite knife, or a lucky charm, but whatever it is you just don't want to go on a hike without it.

For me that item is the lightest part of my overall kit, yet it's the one piece of gear I never want to find myself without. What is it? Earplugs! Yup, simple foam noise-blocking ear plugs.

I love being outdoors, but at night the sounds of nature can make it hard for me to fall asleep.  I have lots of trail buddies that swear by a little Benadryl before sleep to take the edge off and help them get a good night sleep, but I prefer not to take medicine unless I need to. Using foam earplugs to block out that background noise (and loud snorer) works great for me and is something I never want to be without on an overnight.

So what piece of gear is your must have?  I'd love to know what you just can't hike without and why.

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