Terra Nova 20L Quick Mods

The more I use the Terra Nova 20L, the more I like it. However, there are a few small improvements or modifications that I've changed from the way the bag came that I think are worth sharing.

Larger Stopper Knots on Shock Cords
As I mentioned in my earlier detailed review of the 20L, the basic overhand stopper knots that are used on the ends of some of the sections of shock cord are just too small to stop the knots from being pulled through the holes in the fabric tabs that are used to retain the cord.  The simple fix here was to untie the overhand knots and tie a more substantial double overhand knot, which seems to be working for now.  If this doesn't fix the problem long-term, I'll probably just tie a small plastic bead onto the end of the cord and have the bead serve as the stopper.

Before (left) and after photo of the shock cord stopper knot.

Cord Lock Re- Positioning on Side Bungees
Another minor modification that I've made over the last few days is to move the cord lock that is used on the two side pocket bungees from being at the bottom of the cords to at the top.  In the original position with the side pocket bungee cords pulled tight, the extra length of cord would dangle down very low from the pack and was prone to snagging on branches and thorns.

So by taking off the cord and re-threading it so that the cord lock is at the top, the extra cord dangles down over the sections of the bungee where it can easily be tucked in behind the cord or by whatever i am carrying in the side pockets. It seems like a minor tweak, but it is a much better way of threading the side bungee pockets.

Before (left) and after photo of the side bungees configuration.

In addition to preventing the shock cord used on the side pocket bungees from dangling down too low, the new top cord lock configuration is a more natural way to pull the cords tight. It seems easier and much more natural to pull the cords up than it does to pull them down.

It makes me wonder what other little tweaks and modifications are being made to backpacks by all of you? Does anyone have any simple (or complex) modifications that they'd like to share?

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