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Fisher Space Pen refill hack

I know a lot of people that carry a Fisher Space pen refill (not the whole pen) as their ultralight writing solution for taking notes along the trail. Let me first say that I'm not a big fan of the Fisher pressurized ink refill, it constantly globs up and is slow to dry, but it does work every time I need to write something and it certainly lasts for a very long time. Of course the Fisher Space Pen refill is well known for being able to write on almost any surface, at any angle, and even under water - it's definitely earned a great reputation there. 

However, I find that trying to hold just the thin refill in my hand is a pretty uncomfortable experience and not a particularly great solution for writing anything more than a few short words, I definitely wouldn't want to be writing a long trail journal with it.

I like the overall idea of carrying just the Space Pen refill, but it needed just a little improvement to be more comfortable to use. So, I came up with a really easy "why didn't I think of that before" type of duct tape hack. For this hack you will need:

  • A Fisher Space Pen refill (SPR4 - PR4)
  • A small length of duct tape (the color is entirely up to you)
  • A pair of scissors or sharp knife

Cut off a one-inch strip of duct tape and lay it down on a flat surface, sticky side up, with the shorter sides at the top and bottom. Take your Fisher Space Pen refill and lay it horizontally across the middle of the strip of duct tape so that the tape edge starts at the thicker part of the refill and extends down towards the end.

Now cut a second one-inch strip of duct tape and place it exactly on top of the first piece so that the two sticky sides make contact.  You will need to smooth the tape flat around the barrel of the refill so that it is snug and secure.

The final step is to use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to round off the corners of the tape and make it a little bit more presentable - after all duct tape hacks have to look good, right? That's all there is to it. You can do the hack a heck of a lot faster than it took me to write this blog post, but I like to share :-)

Writing with a Fisher Space Pen refill

I find that the tiny flap of duct tape that this hack creates, provides just the right amount of additional purchase for my fingers to be able to hold the refill more comfortably without getting cramp or fatigue in my hand. If you try it and like it be sure to let me know. If you have any other ways to hack a Fisher Space pen refill, let me know that too. Happy Hacking!

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