Reader Poll: Headlamp or Flashlight?

Headlamp or Flashlight?

I'm a big fan of using a headlamp for backpacking. I made the switch from flashlight to headlamp several years ago and will probably never switch back. The benefits are pretty obvious; lightweight, let you keep your hands free, most utilize super-bright LEDs, the direction of the light automatically follows where you are looking, etc.

Yet I continue to bump into fellow backpackers that have either not heard about headlamps (bizarre I know) or have chosen to stick with a more traditional flashlight, for various reasons.

I carry a Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp as my primary light source and an Inova Microlight as my backup. I used to carry an Inova X03 pocket flashlight, but it was too heavy and had to be held all the time - I didn't have any way to attach it or hold it to my person.  So the switch to a headlamp was an easy one for me.

So, what do you prefer and why? Are you a headlamp lover or a die-hard flashlight carrier? What models do you prefer and why? I'm really curious about this one...

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