The Tick Key Tick Remover

The Tick Key I saw this the other day and picked one up for my first aid kit. It's called The Tick Key® and is a really easy way to remove ticks that have already attached themselves. The Tick Key is made from strong 5052 anodized aluminum and is available in seven cool colors; green, blue, orange, purple, red, pewter, and black - as you can see I got myself the blue one.

Using the Tick Key is simple. You place the key over the entire body of the tick in the large part of the tear shaped slot of the key. Pull the key away from the tick sliding it along the skin until it get's caught in the narrow "v" of the key. The tick is removed easily and safely, head and all!

I'm going to put this one in the first aid kit that I always carry with me. I'm also considering buying several more to have attached to my backpacks. Below is a product video that I found on YouTube of the Tick Key in action.

What tool or method do you use for removing ticks?

Disclosure: The author owns this product and paid for it using their own funds.

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