Your Most Recent Gear Purchase?

MLD Bug Bivy

Today is a wet and rainy day in North Carolina, but the warmer, dryer weather is definitely on the way. Like most of you I'm starting to plan as many of my weekend hikes as I can. This time of year also coincides nicely with REI membership dividend time and that means new gear purchases - gotta love that, right? I'm also knee deep in reviewing and testing gear that I've picked up recently like the MLD bug bivy shown above, watch out for a review of that in use with my SpinnTwinn coming soon.

So I thought I'd ask what new pieces of gear have you purchased recently, what you like about it, and what made you decide on that specific brand or model? I'm curious to see what's hot or popular with everyone else. If you haven't made any recent gear purchases, what are you lusting after and why?

Please leave a comment below.

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