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Upcoming Kupilka Giveaways

There was a lot of interest in my previous Kupilka 21 cup giveaway. So much so that Sport-Hansa kindly provided me with a bunch of other Kupilka goodies as giveaway prizes to say thank you for your support. I've decided to make this one huge giveaway instead of lots of smaller ones, so one lucky reader will win the entire package shown above!

I made the last Kupilka giveaway really easy to enter, just help spread the word about my blog and you had several ways to qualify for the drawing. This time there's going to be a little more effort required, because the prize is much bigger.

The Kupilka Goodies
As I said, I will be giving away all of the Kupilka items that you see in the photo above. These are all brand new and unused. Visit the Kupilka website for a full list of products and locations that sell Kupilka. The giveaway package includes the following items:

  • Kupilka 21 (cup)
  • Kupilka 55 (soup bowl)
  • Kupilka 44 (platter)
  • Kupilka cutlery set

To enter, you will need to send me an email with the following answers and send it to blog(at) along with a photo (no smaller than 500px wide) of your current cooking set arranged so that I can clearly see all the individual components. You will have until April 30th to submit your entry. Make sure that you include all of your answers in the email itself and not as a separate attachment or document. Any submissions that don't follow these guidelines will be disqualified. I also reserve the right to reject any unsuitable submissions at my discretion.

Extra Chances to Win
I am hoping to get enough eligible submissions to be able to post them on Brian's Backpacking Blog in the coming weeks with the intent that everyone will benefit from seeing different types of cooking setups and reading about what has worked and what hasn't. So, as a little extra motivation to put together a complete submission, if your answers and photo are published on Brian's Backpacking Blog you'll get an additional two entries into the Kupilka giveaway, giving you three chances to win.

The Questions
Please respond to each with at least a few sentences, but please don't go crazy. You may include additional digital photos if you think it helps explain your submission. Please only include your original photos, I will not accept product catalog photos or images taken from company websites.

  1. How long have you been backpacking and what got you started?
  2. Describe where you currently are in the "going lighter" process. Are you just getting started or at the point where you're down to shaving of individual grams here and there? What are some of the restrictions you've encountered to going even lighter?
  3. What type of shelter do you currently use? Please include the make and model and a little bit about how you settled on the choice you have made. For example, what other shelters have you tried?
  4. Where are you located geographically and what type of terrain and weather do you normally encounter on your backpacking trips?
  5. How long in duration is a typical backpacking trip for you? One night, two nights, or more?
  6. What best describes your method of cooking? Do you mostly re-hydrate freeze-dried foods (i.e. just boil water), reheat actual food, or do "real" cooking/simmering?
  7. What make and model of stove do you currently use and why? What stoves have you tried in the past and what made you stop using them?
  8. What type of fuel do you use and why? Alcohol, Esbit tabs, liquid fuel, gas canisters, wood?
  9. Have you tried wood burning stoves? If so, what are you thoughts on the soot that they create? Do you care about the soot, or is that an acceptable trade off for a readily available fuel source?
  10. What type of cookware (pot or cup) do you use? Do you carry more than one cooking container?

Send your answers in an email with a photo of your full cooking set up to be eligible for the giveaway. If your post is good enough to be published on this blog I will give you two extra entries for a total of three chances to win. All submissions must be received before April 30th, 2011. I'm willing to ship the Kupilka package anywhere, so everyone is eligible for this one!

Once all of the eligible submissions have been collected, I will use, to select a winner and announce it on this blog. If you have any questions or concerns about this giveaway, please leave a comment below.

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