Ultralight Fly Fishing Box

DIY: Ultralight Fly Fishing Box

I've been on a bit of a Tenkara kick lately, every since receiving my new Iwana rod and other pieces of Tenkara fishing gear from Daniel at TenkaraUSA just a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately for me there aren't any specialized fly fishing stores like Total Fishing Tackle near where I live in North Carolina, unless someone knows of any? About the only place I can physically drive to and look at gear is my local BassPro store which has a dedicated fly fishing section, but it's old school, snobby, predictable, and the gear is kinda bulky.

Of course I could order all manner of nifty pieces of gear online and I probably will, but that doesn't satisfy my hunger for instant gratification. So, being the geeky gear junkie that I am, I decided to start making some of my own lightweight Tenkara gear - starting with a fly fishing box.

DIY Fly Fishing Box

I knew that I wanted to make a small fly box to hold a handful of dry flies and maybe my Tenkara line and a spool of tippet, but that's about all. I went to my local Walmart and bought a small Plano fishing tackle for $1.50. It was definitely small enough and at that price I didn't much care if I screwed it up or not.

DIY Fly Fishing Box

Next was to do a little hacking on the fixed compartment dividers. I decided to remove all but one dividing wall of the box so that I would be left with only two compartments - one large and one small. It was purely a personal preference. Using a pair of tin snips and a sharp utility knife I removed the sections of dividers that I didn't want. This took up the majority of the time and rightly so, I didn't want to lose a finger.

DIY Fly Fishing Box

Once the box had been hacked to leave just the two compartments that I wanted, I decided to spray paint the bottom section to make it opaque and give it a little more of a custom look. I used a can of dark green Krylon spray paint that I had lying around in my garage from a previous geocaching project. Krylon paint is designed to bond with plastic really well and thin coats dry in about 10 minutes.

After 2-3 coats of spray paint and leaving the bottom section to thoroughly dry I installed a few pieces of carefully trimmed high-density foam (thanks Patrick) and my first little Tenkara project was done. All I needed to do was to add my spool of tippet, my Tenkara line, and a few spare dry flies. Sweet!

DIY Fly Fishing Case
  • Total cost: Under $2.00
  • Total Time: 50 minutes
  • Total weight: 1.5oz / 42g (minus lines and flies)

After taking the photos I changed the way I placed my flies into the foam, but other than that the fly box is good to go. I even had room for a small pair of line nippers next to the Tenkara spools in the large compartment - perfect.

Have you done and fishing related MYOG hacks? What do you think of my little project? Please leave a comment below.

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