Emerald - Tropical Trail Mix Granola

Emerald Tropical Trail Mix

Friday Food Find: My wife actually picked these up at a local grocery store because they were on sale and she knows that I am always on the lookout for new snacks to test on my backpacking trips. Our whole family have been big fans of Emerald products and especially their nuts for quite some time. The granola trail food was a bit of a surprise though.

I like to take granola with me when I go hiking. It's very light weight, packed full of good stuff and really easy to make at home if you want to save money. Making your own granola is also a great way to control the ingredients that you include.

Emerald Tropical Trail Mix

What impressed me most about the Emerald mix is that the pieces of fruit actually taste like dried fruit and not like piece of candy. There's also a good balance of ingredients with just enough clusters of granola to match the fruit and nuts. If I had my way I'd increase the granola proportion slightly, but fr an off the shelf package it's pretty darn good.

Emerald Tropical Trail Mix

As usual be careful about the amount number of portions in a packet. This one serves 2 but after the first bite it's hard to accept that you should only eat half of it. When I'm on the trail I don't worry quite as much as the extra calories are much needed. I'm much more aware of the freeze-dried meals like Mountain House, which have outrageous amounts of sodium and typically serve 2 people per pouch - watch out for those.

I mostly dehydrate my own meals or individual ingredients now, but being able to grab a bag of tasty granola out of the pantry and be ready to go is a beautiful thing.

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