Ultralight as a Lifestyle?

Ultralight as a Lifestyle?


Maxpedition Wallet Have you ever noticed how the ultralight, minimalist mentality seeps into almost everything that you do? Or maybe it's that you were always a minimalist and are just now applying that to your passion for backpacking and hiking? Either way you may have noticed this in other things that you do and when you make purchasing decisions.

For example, when I travel for business I am acutely aware of how much I am packing and what I really 'need' to take, to the point where I can now carry a small laptop backpack with me for a two-day business trip. That let's me easily stow it in an overhead compartment on a flight without having to worry about checked any baggage. My work colleagues are often surprised by this (Kim).

All this got me thinking about other ways in which the ultralight/minimal mindset have impacted my everyday life. One very obvious area, and one that I continue to look for improvements with, is my wallet.

I dislike carrying things in my pockets, so having to carry a wallet at all is a nuisance for me. For that reason I have always tried to carry the thinnest wallet that I can get away with. I've tried lots of different wallet with vary degrees of success. Right now my favorite is the Maxpedition Micro Wallet.

Maxpedition Inner Pockets

The Micro Wallet measures 4.5 x 3 inches. When opened it offers a single ID window and two card slots. There is a single division running along for bills. When closed the Micro has a small pocket on the back, there is no closure mechanism, no Velcro or anything to keep it closed. Simple! The construction is very strong in Cordura nylon with double stitching along the edges.

Maxpedition Rear Pocket

However, I recently received a business card holder/wallet from Gossamer Gear as part of my Trail Ambassador business card package. To my astonishment the wallet/holder that they included was significantly thinner and lighter than my beloved Maxpedition Micro!

Wallets Compared

The business card holder (it's not strictly a wallet) that GG sent me was from a company called ALL-ETT. According to their website they are makers of the world's thinnest wallets and card cases. The card holder I received is made out of incredibly strong but light weight rip-stop nylon. There is also a true wallet style version of this same holder that has a proper ID card window, so I'm now considering getting one of those to replace my Maxpedition wallet.

All-Ett Business Card Holder

The ALL-ETT wallets were a new discovery for me and I have to thank Grant and Dave at Gossamer Gear for sending me one with my business cards. My guess is that there are even more ultralight or minimal wallets out there that I haven't come across and if you know of one or have one to recommend, please leave a comment below. What other things has the ultralight mentality changed about your everyday lifestyle?

Disclosure: The author owns the Maxpedition Micro Wallet and paid for it using their own funds. Gossamer Gear provided Brian's Backpacking Blog with a complimentary All-Ett wallet as part of their Trail Ambassador program.

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