Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp

Ryan Jordan - Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp

The Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp is a six - nine week online course designed for beginner-to-intermediate backpackers. It covers everything including philosophy, gear, and techniques to give you the confidence to explore wild places with a pack that weighs less than 10 pounds!

The course is being offered by Ryan Jordan - ultralight backpacking guru, CEO of Backpacking Light, fisherman, photographer, and scout leader. Put simply, Ryan has forgotten more about light weight backpacking than most “experts” on the topic will ever know! With a slogan like "Explore your wild side, without having to drink your pee!" you know it's going to be something worth being part of.

In addition to the content developed by Ryan, a handful of individuals have also contributed to the course materials based on their specific areas of expertise. I have contributed a section (Creating a Gear List) and will likely be writing more. If you sign-up for the course, not only will you be receiving world-class instruction from Ryan Jordan, you will be supporting me and my family through Ryan's affiliate program.

Enrollment is now open for the Summer 2011 Boot Camp – July, August, and September.

What You Will Learn:
Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp is a six-week course where you learn:

  • Fundamental principles and philosophy of ultralight backpacking
  • Ultralight trekking and camping techniques
  • Managing inclement weather with ultralight gear
  • Ultralight trekking case studies
  • Applying ultralight gear and techniques to other activities

Three Levels of Enrollment:

  • Self-Directed (Non-Mentored) – 6 Weeks. $150.
  • Directed (Mentored) – 6 Weeks. $450. Includes email mentoring with Ryan (enrollment is limited).
  • Directed (Mentored) + Expedition Trek – $1,350. A 9 Week Online Course + 5 Day Trek – includes email mentoring with Ryan, live conferencing, and participation in an expedition with Ryan and one or more other instructors (enrollment is very limited) as part of Backpacking Light’s Wilderness Trekking School.

Registration officially opens today but enrollment is limited, so make sure you sign-up now to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

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