What's Your Biggest Gear Mistake?

Explorer Survivor II "Rambo" Knife

We're always showing off our latest and greatest gear and discussing the best possible ways to do things - usually based on our experiences gained through trial and error. So that got me wondering, what are some of the biggest mistakes (errors) you've made?

Explorer Survivor II "Rambo" Knife

Whether it's a bad gear purchase that at the time seemed like a really good idea, or something you tried to make that went disastrously wrong, please share it with us via the comments below so that we can all benefit from the lesson(s) that were learned. If you have photos that help illustrate the mistake feel free to include those too.

Above is an example of one of my very first knife purchases. A Rambo-style, 9-inch, saw-backed monster that weighs in at a whopping 21oz. It seemed like a good idea at the time - 23 years ago!

Play nice policy: We're all friends here and we're all trying to learn about what works and what doesn't, so keep it friendly :)

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