2mm Dyneema Guyline - Rated 1,000lbs

Hi-viz 2mm Dyneema Guywire Cord (1,000lbs)

In a previous post I compared the weight, cost, and strength of various types of popular cordage in an effort to provide as much information as I could about the types of cord I own and have used. I'd like to update that article now to include a new cord that I have recently purchased, the dyneema guywire cord from Lawson Outdoor Equipment. I came across Lawson Outdoor Equipment through fellow Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Don Meredith. Lawson's doesn't stock a lot of products, but the items they have are all pretty sweet, definitely worth checking out.

The dyneema guywire is a high visibility (non-reflective) 2mm orange single braid cord suitable for really heavy hauling applications like bear bagging, tarp ridge lines, and tent guylines. Unlike other dyneema/spectra based accessory cords this one is made using 100% Dyneema fiber and as a result yields an incredibly high strength for a very light weight - 0.02oz per foot (~1.2oz for 50ft). The Lawson dyneema guywire is rated at 1,000lbs which for a 2mm cord is amazing.

It feels very stiff and waxy to the touch because of a vinyl coating that is used to improve the knot holding capability of the dyneema which can be very slippery. The vinyl coating is also a huge help in reducing the friction for limb-based hauling like bear bagging, where the cord can sometime bite into the bark of a tree or saw through it if it's particularly coarse like Kelty Triptease. 

Below is an updated version of the cord comparison table that I had previously put together with the inclusion of the Dyneema Guywire. As you can see it is second only to Aircore Plus Spectra Cord in strength, but significantly thinner, lighter, and cheaper than Aircore.

I know it's a little geeky to break down the specifications of a length or cord to this level of detail, but we all seem to go through the same process of researching, testing, and evaluating cord in an effort to find the perfect match for whatever it is we are searching for. That's why I'm sharing this all with you. I'm loving this cord right now for bear bagging and plan on carrying a length of it in my pack as an emergency/repair cord. Has anyone else tried this cord from Lawson's? I'd be curious to know what you think about it good or bad.

Disclosure: The author owns this product and paid for it using their own funds.

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