All New BioLite CampStove | Reserve Yours!

I wanted to share some new information about the BioLite CampStove that was brought to my attention by Steve and Andy. It appears that the BioLite is now available for pre-order for those of you that want to reserve one for 2012 - and it's had some significant enhancements since our first glimpse.

Clearly it's been through several rounds of product enhancements and now looks better than ever. It's still not a lightweight stove, coming it at around 2lbs, but for that you get a soot-free wood burning stove that can also power or recharge an electronic device. Think of it as a stove and your solar powered charger all rolled into one (although this is obviously not solar powered).

I'm so intrigued by the concept of this stove that I've just placed my own reservation for one! I know that there were lots of comments on my last post, so I'm guessing that quite of few of you will want to jump on this PDQ!

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