Fixing a Broken Nalgene | Reader Submission

I receive a lot of emails from my readers, but this one caught my eye because of how clever it was. With the permission of the sender I am reposting it here to share - a really great little hack!

Hi guys, my name is Stephen Outten and I have a cool little backpacking tip that may help some of you if you find yourself in the same situation as me.

I broke my Nalgene 48oz soft bottle a few days ago and needed a quick fix before I could get a new one. I broke the bottle about halfway down the bottle. It was pretty much toast but I was able to do a little experiment with my vacuum sealer and found out that I could make a water tight seal by using the heat sealing function.

Now I wouldn't typically be carrying around a 10oz. capacity Nalgene bottle, but this could certainly help someone out the night before a hike or just reusing the bottle for other purposes. This would be a really good fix if your Nalgene broke lower down toward the bottom of the bottle.

The process was relatively easy. Stick the Nalgene bottle on the heating element just above where the leak or broken section is and create a new seal across the entire length of the bottle. I sealed mine twice for posterity! To my surprise it works like new albeit a little smaller :)

Many thanks to Stephen for sending me the email with this great little trick. ~Brian

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Win a Helle Harding Knife & Pay it Forward...

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