Winner of the Helle Harding Knife Giveaway

Helle Harding - 07

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who offered to participate in this giveaway by paying it forward with a piece of their own gear. I'm continually impressed at the willingness of my readers to jump in and get involved with this community - you're awesome!

Between all of the comments posted on my blog, the Facebook comments, Twitter retweets, and other shares, I counted 231 eligible entries, all of which were added to a spreadsheet with details of what was being offered to pay it forward. This was a lot more work than I had anticipated - my own doing :)

So, without further ado, based on a number between 1 - 231 picked using the winner of the Helle Harding knife giveaway is... Eric Lammers #117. Congratulations to Eric. The secondary winner will be Pinoakroad, who will be receiving a GSI Dualist cookset directly from Eric.

Eric and Pinoakroad, please contact me via email with your home addresses so that we can arrange the necessary shipping details. Thanks again to everyone that entered, more gear closet giveaways coming soon.

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