Bliss Bars | Evolution of the Energy Bar

Chances are that if you've ever gone on a day hike or longer backpacking trip you've taken along some sort of energy bar as a lightweight and convenient snack. You might have even gone through several different types of these bars in an effort to find the one you like best, I know I have.

ProBar, Clif Bar, PowerBar, Mojo Bar, LaraBar - the list goes on and on. Until very recently my absolute favorite snack bars were the LARABars because they were moist and tasty unlike some of the other granola brick type bars. I have even enjoyed making my own LARA-type bars in large batches when the weather turns nice and I know my kids and I will be outdoors on a regular basis.

Well now I've just discovered a new type of snack bar that, after tasting one or two of, I'm pretty excited about - The Bliss Bar.

The Bliss Bar

About The Bliss Bar
The Bliss Bar was started by a husband and wife team, each health and yoga teachers. They found that they were continually being asked, "What should I eat?" So in 2005, they turned their life into a superfood experiment.

Raising a young child and committed to eating organic, they soon learned the challenges of making healthy choices, especially on the go. Their mission was clear: Find the most potent superfoods on the planet to fuel the body, illuminate the mind and feel the bliss. Thus, The Bliss Bar was born, super-mom tested and kid approved.

The Bliss Bar

I couldn't find any specific information about how the bars are manufactured, but based on the ones that I have eaten, they look as if they are hand-made and cut out using very basic techniques, further adding to the natural and organic feel of these bars. I'm not sure if you can see it in the photos, but these things are pretty rustic in their appearance, even my kids picked up on this asking if I had made them myself? Great packaging if I had :)

The Bliss Bar

Raw, Organic, and Wildcrafted
The list of ingredients on the Bliss Bars is quite impressive, all of them raw and as nutritionally-dense as possible - no unnecessary additives here.

Cacao, Agave, Pumpkin Seed, Cacao Butter, Maca, Mesquite, Hempseed, Catuaba, Pau D Arco, Una De Gato, PowerShake tm (Maca, Suma, Kiwicha, Chuchuasi), Pure Synergy tm, Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean

There are five flavors of Bliss Bars available: Coconut Goji, Chia Mulberry, Chocolate Goji, Honey Gold, and our family's absolute favorite Amazon Chocolate.

The Bliss Bar (Nutritional Info)

The True Taste Test
I'm a fairly easy food tester being open to almost all type of food and not all that fussy (with the exception of cucumber - yuck!), but the real test of these types of bars comes when I offer them to my two small kids, Jack and Maggie. They're both usually very reluctant food tasters being somewhat fussy about 'new' things, but at the mention of chocolate they both agreed to try.

I knew they would not be used to the taste of raw cacoa compared to the fatty milk chocolate used in most candy bars and snacks, but I was totally  unprepared for their reaction. I had broken off small pieces of the Bliss Bar for them to taste in case they didn't like it. Both of them puckered up and wrinkled their little noses at the initial bitterness, but after a few seconds of chewing and letting the taste develop they were grinning wildly. Jack even commented that he could eat a lot of these as they were so good for him - kids think fast!

Maggie Stealing a Piece of my Bliss Bar

Maggie too was quick to ask for a more substantial piece of Bliss Bar and happily nibbled at it until it was gone. Funny how both of them took very small bites at a time to enjoy the flavor, it must be the strong tastes from the raw ingredients.

I carried several Bliss Bars with my on my recent trip back to the UK and shared them out as snacks during the flights back and forth. They've become the new go-to 'treat' snack in the Green household, so much so that I'm about to place a bulk order to make sure that we have them handy.

I've only seen the Bliss Bar in one or two stores, so they may be harder to find that the myriad of other energy bars out there, but I'd recommend that you take the time to look around and see if you can find them, they're worth the effort and I'm confident you'll enjoy them as much as we do. I'll probably place an online order for my next batch.

If you've had an opportunity to try the Bliss Bars, I'd love to hear what you thought about them and which flavor you liked the most.

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