Kigo Flit | Women's Minimalist Shoe

Kigo Flit Minimalist Footwear

Some of you noticed my remark on my previous post about the Kigo shoes I've been wearing, regarding my wife snagging my Drives to wear around because they are so comfortable. That resulted in me getting her a pair of Kigo Drive shoes in her size so that I could get mine back! Now I'm thinking that was her plan all along...

Since trying on the Drives, which are a unisex shoe, she's has been very intrigued by minimalist shoes in general, for their comfort, fit, and simplistic styling. She jumped at the opportunity to try a pair of women's Kigo shoes and agreed to share her thoughts about them.

I'm not a hardcore backpacker, or trail runner like my husband. I get enough exercise each day keeping up with our two young and very active children. So my need for a pair of shoes is quite different than that of Brian's.

I did indeed steal his Kigo Drive shoes a few months ago when he first got them, despite them being two sizes too big for me, and ended up getting my own pair out of that deal. That was my first real interaction with minimalist shoes. Like most women, I've worn flip-flops, sandals and my share of flats, but these are more simplistic and 'minimal' than all of those. The appeal (to me) of these shoes is that they are comfortable, lightweight, and simple - sometimes simple is exactly what I'm looking for.

The Kigo Flit shoe for women is all of those things and more. I'm new to this type of shoe, so when I first received the Kigo Flits I assumed that I'd need to wear them with a thin pair of socks, not only for comfprt but to stop them stinking up.

Kigo Flit Minimalist Footwear

While the Flits are very comfortable worn with socks, they are even more so worn without. And after several weeks of very warm North Carolina 'Winter' days I can honestly say that they do not have any sort of stink to them. Even if they did I'm told that both the insole and the entire shoe can be throw in the washing machine which is fantastic!

The Flit shoes fitted true to size, unlike my husband's Kigo Edge shoes that were small and required him to order a pair larger than normal. Their width is nice and definitely not on the narrow size, then again I have perfectly arched feet and do not suffer with a lack of arches like Brian.

Kigo Flit Minimalist Footwear

The strap that crosses over the instep is not too tight either. I was concerned that it would rub me or be too tight, but it's not at all. In fact the rear end of the strap, where it attaches to the body of the shoe has a small piece of elastic on it, allowing the strap to adjust just enough to stay snug but not run or pinch. Kigo have done their homework.

A surprise to me was how flexible the shoes were, as illustrated by Brian's 'curl' photo below. The result of this is that the shoes feel very natural on my feet when I'm wearing them, almost as if I am not wearing anything on my feet at all - is that why these types of shoes are also referred to as barefoot shoes? The practical 'mother' in me sees their flexible as a bonus when packing the shoes for a trip to the beach or the lakes, even just to throw in my bag for a trip to the pool with the kids.

Kigo Flit Minimalist Footwear

I'm very happy with the Kigo Flit shoes. I was somewhat skeptical at first and not even sure I'd be comfortable wearing a pair of shoes that offer so little in the way of padding or protection, but have to say that I find myself putting these on more than any other pair of shoes right now. Whether it is with jeans, a skirt, or a dress the Flits look great. I've had several of my girlfriends ask me about them after seeing me wearing them so much - I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have learned over the past few weeks of wearing them and have gently encouraged them to try them for themselves.

To any women out there considering this type of minimal shoe I'd say try them! I'm confident that once you put them on and wear them for a few minutes you'll fall in love with them like I did :) - Beth Green.

Disclosure: provided Brian's Backpacking Blog with a complementary pair of shoes for the purpose of this review.

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