Sh*t Ultralight Backpackers Say

Ben and Jason Taking a Breather

One of the funniest online phenomenons I've witnessed of late is the series of videos called "Sh*t People Say". My favorite of which was made by Steven Sashen of Invisible Shoes called "sh*t barefoot runners say" that pokes fun at the entire barefoot running and minimalist footwear community, of which Steven would be considered a founder.

Clearly barefoot runners have a good sense of humor, but there is an underlying note of truthfulness about the absurdity of the things that are being espoused - usually to newbies or the 'uninformed'.

That got me thinking about some of the 'sh*t' I've heard many of the UL and SUL backpacking community come up with over the years. Of course I'm racking my brains right now to come up with specific examples, but I bet all of you have a bunch that you would love to share. Oh wait, here are few that have made me smile/cringe in the past:

  • "The weight of all those labels sewn into your gear really adds up"
  • "That would be great, but only if it comes in titanium"
  • "I want whatever one weighs less"
  • "I use duct tape instead moleskin for my blisters. Why carry two types of tape?"

It's amazing to think of the things that come out of our mouths sometimes, I'm sure I've even been responsible for saying these types of things at one point or another.

So, just for fun, what are some of the most absurd things you've heard ultralight backpackers say? Feel free to share via the comments below :)

Apologies to my very good friends, Jason and Ben, for being the subject matter of the photo.

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