Weekend Test | Simmering With UL Stoves?

Flat Cat Gear Epicurean Stove MkI

This weekend I'm planning to take a few new UL stoves out with me to test their 'simmering' capabilities. This will be a first for me. Until now I've only ever used these types of ultralight stoves for boiling water as fast and efficiently as possible. A UL stove (like the Epicurean stoves shown above) that can simmer for over 40 minutes on one Esbit tab will open all manner of trail cooking possibilities, like baking!

Another new stove type for me is the ISO-clean stove (below), made specifically for use with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. I have no experience using rubbing alcohol as a fuel for a stove, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Flat Cat Gear ISO-Clean Stove

It's always fun to test and play with new gear, but it's even more important to practice on a regular basis with all of your regularly used gear to ensure that you are totally proficient in its use (Rule #4).

So, get out often, go on practice hikes, and know how to use your gear.

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