April's Fool Day Joke | Couldn't Resist!

Splendid weather

My announcement yesterday, in case its tone and the date it was published didn't tip you off, was an elaborate April's Fool Day joke, in cooperation with Hendrik Morkel of Hendrik's Hiking Blog Hiking in Finland. We both set out to fool you in an attempt to bring a bit of humour back into the outdoor blogosphere. We both hope you had a good laugh and start to your April 2012.

By the looks of some of the concerned emails and tweets I received, I'd say that quite a few of you fell for the joke too - but don't worry nothing is really changing. I'd like to give a huge thanks to Hendrik for being such a good sport. I hope that one day soon he and I can meet up and have a laugh about this over a beer. Cheers! ^BG

I'd also like to thank Hendrik for kindly letting me use some of his gorgeous photography :)

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