Garmin Forerunner 210 Warranty Repair

Garmin Forerunner 210

My trusty Garmin 210 Forerunner is no longer able to hold a charge after only just over a year of use. I have to say that the folks from Garmin have been right on top of this with their communications back to me since my very first inquiry about a potential way to fix this.

I've tried the factory reset button combination they provided, but that only lasted for one full battery charge. They're very next option was to simply return the whole watch for a warranty replacement, no questions asked - try that with any other year-old electronic gadgets that you own.

Garmin Forerunner 210

Today I mailed my watch off to Garmin HQ for the replacement service. I'll report back when the watch (or a refurbished version) gets returned and the overall customer experience. As I said, so far I have nothing but praise for the customer service I've received from Jim, Drew, and Matt at Garmin.

Update: Two business days after sending my watch off for repair, I received an email from Garmin stating that they had received my fault device and had sent out the replacement item. I like the speed of their response and the fact that they clearly told me what was happening at every step along the way - complete transparency. 

Update: Just five business days (exactly one week) after sending off my faulty Garmin watch, I am holding it's replacement in my hand! All that is left is to full charge the new watch, pair up my HR monitor again, set my intervals - and go running!

Thanks for such great customer service Garmin - you'll have my custom for a long time to come.

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Disclosure: The author owns this product and won it in an unrelated contest held via the DC Rainmaker blog. Brian is not affiliated with Garmin in any way, but is a happy owner and customer.

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