Reader Poll: What Sunglasses do you Wear?

3M™Fuel eyewear & Oakley Flaks

Did you ever hear of the term 'form blindness' used for people who have trouble filling out forms? Well I'll admit to having 'sunglasses blindness' - no pun intended.

For some reason I have never been able to spend more than a few bucks on a pair of sunglasses. Which is borderline ridiculous considering I wouldn't hesitate to spend a few hundred dollars on just about any other piece of good quality outdoor gear (Rule #3), but sunglasses overwhelm me. Or more accurately, choosing them does.

Sensitive Eyes
I have blue eyes and it's reasonably well known that people with blue or lighter-colored eyes are more likely to have sensitivity to light and glare (it's been clinically proven that blue irises scatter and transmit more unwanted light into the retina than brown or green irises). When I mentioned my sensitivity to sunlight during my annual eye exam, my optometrist recommended the frequent use of 'tinted' glasses to relieve my symptoms. Sunglasses!

Oakley Flak Sunglasses

Right now my sunglasses of choice are a pair of 3M™Fuel protective eyewear. They're ANSI safe and block 99.9% of harmful UV rays, but they are not 'real' sunglasses and they're kinda cheap. I like the tactical style wrap around black sunglasses and was recently given a pair of Oakley Flak sunglasses in brown, shown above. I have never owned a pair of sunglasses as expensive as the Flaks, but the difference in quality and of the lenses in particular is immediately noticeable - wow!

For some reason I'm just not good at choosing sunglasses - this is where you come in. I'd like to know what sunglasses you wear or what brand is your preference and why? Is the fit, the style, the weight, or the quality of lenses that you love about your sunglasses? Help me understand what's good and what's not so that I can make a more informed buying decision because I really struggle with this on.

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