Scandinavia Bound... Goodbye USA

Almost there

Today marks the start of an exciting new chapter for myself and my family, something I thought I'd should share with all of you too. Today I will be leaving the USA behind and making a monumental move to a country of I have long dreamed of living in but never thought would actually come true, Finland.

An opportunity has come up for my family and I to relocate to Tampere, Finland and pursue a technology career in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I'll miss living on the East Coast and the ease of traveling around a country as diverse and breathtaking as America is, but this is an opportunity of a lifetime that I can't pass up. It's going to be quite an adventure for my wife and kids too.


I was suddenly struck by the realization that my blog 'Brian's Backpacking Blog' will probably now have  to change in order to match what will no doubt be a relatively new style of backpacking for me, so going forward I will change the name of my blog to 'Backpacking in Finland'. I will of course continue to focus on gear reviews, crazy MYOG projects and reports from my various trips - they'll just be a lot more snow, or so I'm told. I may even start posting a 'week in review' recap at the end of each week.

Finland has a lot to offer us and we're excited about the differences but ready to embace the challenge. The coming days will no doubt be a flurry of craziness as we prepare to be on our way. I hope that you will continue to follow my adventures, even if they are no longer within the USA.

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