Taste Test | CLIF Mojo Trail Bars

CLIF Mojo Trail Bars

It was a gray and day here in NC, so it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some trail bar taste tests that I've been meaning to finish up. Usually I would be doing all of the taste testing myself based on the fact that I'd most likely be the one eating them on one of my trips - that's why I try various different trail bars after all. Today, however, I had a few extra helpers in the form of my two children; Jack and Maggie who were very excited and overly willing to help when they heard it involved snacks of the sweet variety.

I've been a fan of the original CLIF bars for a long time. They're hearty, dense, and relatively high in calories making them the perfect trail snack to eat on-the-go when I don't want to stop or need to cook. Unfortunately I have not kept very up to date with all of the other types of bars offered by the CLIF company and decided to fix that by trying all of the other bars in their range, starting with their Mojo bars. Editor's Note: I'm also going to be trying the CLIF Builders bars soon - more on that later.

CLIF Mojo Trail Bars

The Mojo bar is described as an "all natural trail mix bar' and without sounding too obvious, that's exactly what it is. In the photo above you can see my daughter Maggie holding the Mountain Trail Mix variety. It is essentially a handful of trail mix stuck together with a little bit of organic brown rice sugar. The one common theme among all of the Mojo bars is the addition of small pieces of salted pretzels that add just the right amount of saltiness to the sweetness of the other ingredients. This one has raisins and chocolate chips too!

CLIF Mojo Trail Bars

I should point out that my kids are already huge fans of trail mix in all varieties (we usually make our own for our backpacking trips) so this wasn't a big taste leap for Maggie as evident by the huge bite she took out of the Mojo bar without hesitation. Next up was my son Jack with his favorite flavor Mojo bar, Peanut Butter Pretzel.

CLIF Mojo Trail Bars

Jack's a lover connoisseur of peanut butter, or at least that's what he'll tell you. So the Peanut Butter Pretzel CLIF bar with its peanut butter, peanut butter chips, and peanut butter filled pretzels was right up his alley. Don't be put off with the slight grimace on Jack's face in the photo above, he's lost most of his front teeth in the last few weeks which make it hard work to chomp on snack bars like this - fortunately he takes his testing very seriously and managed to eat through the pain!

The Original CLIF bars each weigh approximately 68g and provide roughly 240 calories per serving (one bar). The Mojo bars do not pack as much of a calorific punch, mostly because they are far less dense than the original bars. Mojo bars weigh 45g and provide 190-200 calories per one-bar serving. While we enjoyed tasting the Mojo bars and would definitely take them with us on a family backpacking trip, I wouldn't personally take them with me on a multi-day hike, I'd stick with the CLIF Original bars.

There are seven varieties CLIF Mojo bars and we took our time today to try all of the one after the other over the course of a couple of hours. All those nuts and pretzels can seriously fill you up, especially when you're small. Of all the varieties we tried, my favorite was the Chocolate Almond Coconut. If you like CLIF bars but want something that feels less dense and satisfies your sweet and salty craving, then the CLIF Mojo bars are what you're looking for. Have you tried the Mojo bars or any of the other CLIF products?

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