Tent Stake Storage Hack | Cardboard

Tent Stake Storage Hack

Here's a simple trick that I use to make storing my titanium tent stakes a little more fabric-piercing friendly. I've had too many pieces of expensive gear accidentally stabbed by these thin tent stakes that I really care to mention, so this hack is a great solution that you might find useful too.

Tent Stake Storage Hack

Cut off a small piece of corrugated cardboard from the flap or unwanted section of an old box. Turn it round so that the corrugations are running length ways and use the small opening to slide in your tent stakes point first.

Depending on the gauge of your tent stakes you may have to use a fair amount of force to get them in, but the thin titanium ones typically slide in without and trouble.

Tent Stake Storage Hack

I leave one or two space between each tent stake to make them easier to grab and remove. That's it. As Sam pointed out on my Flickr page, this is not the greatest lightweight option for carrying your tent stakes on the trail, a small silnylon or Tyvek pouch is better, but when it comes to packing up my gear in my closet this is not only the safest option I know of, it's the only one that lets them lay flat and take up almost no space :) Hope it helps!

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