How to Tame That Noisy Hydration Bladder

How to Tame That Noisy Hydration Bladder


How to Tame That Noisy Hydration Bladder One of my pet peeves about using a hydration bladder system inside any of my packs is the annoying sloshing sound caused by the water moving around inside the bladder. If I'm walking or backpacking it's not too bad and I can usually put up with it for short trips, but if I'm running - well lets just say it drives me crazy!

Whether I fill the bladder up to the top, a quarter of the way, or anywhere in between I still seem to end up with sloshing water. In fact the problem isn't the amount of water in the blader, which varies as I consume it anyway, it's the amount of air left in the bladder.

My "Doh!" Moment I happened to mention how annoying the sloshing hydration bladders issue was to my Crossfit coach recently and he told me he had a really easy way to fix that. After he told me what I needed to do I looked at him with stunned disbelief - was it really that simple?

So, if you are already aware of this trick (and if you are, why haven't you shared it?) I apologize for stating what may seem like bloody obvious, but for me this clever hack made the difference between an annoying run and an enjoyable one.

How to Tame That Noisy Hydration Bladder

The solution: Suck out all the air! Yup it was that simple. To stop the water sloshing around inside the space created by the air pocket inside the bladder, all I had to do was to turn the bladder upside down and use the tube to suck out all of the air. Think of it as vacum packing my water bladder!

How to Tame That Noisy Hydration Bladder

Once all of the air has been removed by sucking on the hydration tube, the water has nowhere to move inside the bladder making it silent and very stealthy. It took me just a few seconds to open up my rucksack, pull out the bladder, flip it over and suck out the air, but the result was nothing short of spectacular.

If, like me, you were unaware of this clever technique then I hope you try it and see if it helps tame the noise of your hydration bladder for your next hike or run. If you already knew about it, what other tips or tricks do you have that you might like to share?

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