How Many Miles Have You Hiked in 2012?

Altra Lone Peaks

Nowhere near enough, would be my response to that question. Between my day job, training for a major event, family life, and every other distraction you can think of, I've been unable to get out as much as I would normally or wanted to.

I've done less hiking this year than any other year I can remember. I'd say that based on the hiking I've done so far, I'll be under 50 miles in total - that's really low for me. I've done lots of day hikes, multi-nighters (long weekends) but nothing substantial - and I really have the itch bad.

In a few weeks I'll be hitting the trails with Stick of Stick's Blog and a few local backpackers, which will be a nice get together and will add a few more miles to the list. Later in August I'll be going to Mount Whitney again which will be gorgeous and a lot of fun.

So, how many miles have you hiked so far this year? More or less than you had hoped for and what's holding you back from getting outside more?

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