Hikes Rarely Go Exactly As Planned

The Look of Shame...

Some times, no matter how carefully you plan a trip things just go wrong. Sh*t happens as they say. A piece of gear will break unexpectedly, something important will get accidentally left behind, that carefully planned resupply won't arrive on time, or someone will get hurt - it could be a myriad of scenarios and at some point in time we've probably all experienced it a little.

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Part of the planing process is making sure you are carrying an adequate amount of gear to help you improvise a solution or fix for when things do take an unexpected turn. For the most part we (backpackers) are a very resourceful bunch who are able to fix or patch most things in order to make it through the rest of the hike - but some times there's just no suitable solution other than to call off the hike and bail out safely.

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Just know that things will and do often go wrong. It's rare that even a very well planned hike will go exactly as planned. My advice to you is to simple embrace it! If you are able to embrace the inevitability of your best laid plans changing, you are one step closer to having a solution to it. It's my Rule #5.

Here are two recent examples of hikes not going as exactly as planned:

What's the worst things that has happened to you on a hike that you thought you had carefully planned, and how did you overcome the challenges that you faced?

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