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Alpine Hammock on Kickstarter

I'm a big fan of Kickstarter. I've backed several projects, such as BioLite CampStove and UL A-Z Video Series, via that were successfully funded and are now in full production. So I thought I'd share another project that is currently on Kickstarter with all of you because I think it's worth funding and getting into production. It's the Alpine Hammock by Michael Brown.

Alpine Hammock on Kickstarter

So why is the Alpine Hammock unique? Well, it can be used as a traditional hammock that has a built-in (zip-on) no-see-um bug net and a separate zip-on rainfly. That's not very extraordinary or unique I know, but the Alpine Hammock is the only hammock that I know of that can also be used on the ground as a traditional bivy sack. Two shelters in one. Pretty cool huh?

Alpine Hammock in Bivy Mode

The Alpine Hammock prototype weighs approximately 1.4lbs (22.4oz) and they are aiming to reduce the weight further for their first production prototype, making it even more compelling in my opinion.  It's also going to be made in the USA by one of the companies they have been working with in NH, VT, and CO. Another great reason to back this project and fund it.

It's also compact. The prototype can be seen in the photo below compared to a standard Nalgene wide mouth water bottle. If they are able to reduce the weight and use lightweight materials it should end up being even more compact than this.

Alpine Hammock on Kickstarter

If you decide to support this project, and I hope you do, you'll allow them to enter into a robust gear-testing phase with outdoor enthusiasts, mountain guides; purchase bulk quantities of material (hundreds of yards of waterproof fabric, zippers, and thread) for their first production run; and make a dent in paying legal fees for trademark, copyright, and patenting.

There are various levels of funding available via their Kickstarter project page and lots of cool rewards associated with being an early supporter. I'm excited to see where this project goes and would love them to reach their funding goal so that they can lighten the overall weight and continue to develop on this cool concept.

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