High Altitude Gear Testers Wanted!

Altitude Adapt Lozenges

I'll bet that many of you have read my gear reviews and thought "heck, I could do that if I was given free gear" or "how hard could that be?" Well continue reading to find out how five lucky readers can get the opportunity to score some free gear samples and write a review of the product on Brian's Backpacking Blog.

I was recently approached by Altitude Adapt, makers of lozenges that help alleviate the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) or altitude sickness as it's more commonly know. They reached out to me because of my blog post from last year in which I described my own experience with AMS during my ascent of Mt. Whitney. This year I was able to successfully summit Mt. Whitney with no symptoms of AMS thanks to several factors (more on this in a future post). I did not take Altitude Adapt with me this year because the company reached out to me after I had already returned from my trip.

Altitude Adapt Lozenges

About Altitude Adapt
Altitude Adapt is a fast acting lozenge that helps your body more efficiently deliver and utilize oxygen. It is believed that the main cause of altitude sickness is insufficient oxygen absorption and circulation. The lozenges are an all-natural supplement that work within minutes and last for hours, without caffeine or other stimulants.

I would love to be able to test these lozenges for myself to evaluate how well they work but there is one small problem - I don't have any trips planned for the rest of the year that would take me to an elevation where I can effectively test them. This is where you come in.

Altitude Adapt Lozenges

Product Reviewers Wanted
Instead of having me test this product on my own, and because I won't have an opportunity to do so at any significant elevation, I suggested to Altitude Adapt that they sponsor five readers from my blog who would be willing to carefully test these lozenges and write up their findings (good or bad) to be published on my blog. They were immediately onboard with the idea and can't wait to get their product out for review.

In order to qualify to become a reviewer you need to satisfy the minimum prerequisites listed below. These are to ensure that you will be able to properly test the lozenges in the right environment and follow up with constructive feedback.

Altitude Adapt Lozenges

Prerequisites for Reviewers:

  • You will need to have a trip planned that will take you above 8,000 ft in the coming months
  • Ideally you should have some prior experience with symptoms of AMS on previous hikes at altitude, no point testing if you've never suffered with the problem
  • Be willing to provide your home shipping address so that Altitude Adapt can send you samples of the product (do NOT post your address here!)
  • Carefully document your experience of using Altitude Adapt including at least one photograph of you and the product on location - more photos a bonus!
  • Be willing to write up your findings in the form of a short blog review that will be posted here
  • Reviews can be positive or negative, but must be constructive and accurate

How to Enter
If you think you would be willing to test and review Altitude Adapt and you meet the prerequisites listed above, then please leave a brief comment below describing when and where you intend to test the product and what your previous experience was with symptoms of AMS. Remember: Do not leave your home address in the comments, I will follow up privately with the winners to get that information.

On October 10th (two weeks) we will pick the five best suited entrants to receive samples of the Altitude Adapt lozenges for review. We will reach out to the five winners to provide them with additional information about testing.

I'm trying something very new here to see what type of response I get back from you. If this works, I might use the same approach to solicit your help in reviewing other backpacking gear in the future - everyone likes free gear right? Good luck and I look forward to reading your responses :)

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