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The great outdoors is a place where people can go to get back to nature and not have to worry about emails, phone calls, or anything work related. However, there is a way to incorporate technology into your outdoor adventure. Smartphones seem to have an app for just about everything, including getting back to nature. There are lots of apps that aren't meant to take time away from your camping or fishing trips, but instead, they enhance the experience and keep you safe.

First Aid - American Red Cross
The American Red Cross has an app for First Aid so that you can have advice from experts in emergency situations. This app guides you through different emergency situations with step by step instructions. There are plenty of pictures, videos, and animations to help you learn and preform first aid. The app is also tied to 911 so you can call EMS at any given point in time while using the app.

If you are going hiking, camping, fishing, boating, or even stargazing, you can never be too careful. The First Aid app has content that is available offline and doesn't require internet or phone reception. You can get this free app through iTunes and Google Play.

Camp Finder

When you can see that it is getting to be too dark and it's time to look for a place to set up camp, let your smartphone help you out. The Camp Finder app has over 17,000 locations to set up a tent and call home for the night. This app will help you find the nearest campsite, and will also give you directions using GPS. You can also find reviews and photos, and save your favorite campsites. This app is great when you have had a long day and want to find somewhere to rest your head. Camp Finder is available for iPhone and Android and costs $2.99.


No matter what your adventure is, you will probably need a map. The MotionX-GPS app has 9 types of maps to choose from, including topographic maps. You are able to see your precise location within the map because it uses your phones GPS. Using this app you can mark points for different locations such as camp grounds, the end of your hiking route, or your home. This app can also be used as a compass with True or Magnetic bearings and different options for coordinate displays. Not all who wander are lost, especially if they are using the MotionX-GPS app. It is only available for iPhone and is $0.99.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel app lets you stay one step ahead of the weather. The app easily gets the current weather conditions for your area based on your phones GPS. You are able to see the day's hourly weather forecast, daily forecasts, and the 10-day forecast with easy to use interface. You can also see live maps in motion to check if there are storms coming your way. You can even get alerts for your area such as flood warnings, heat advisories, and severe weather. It doesn't matter what outdoor activity you have planned for the day, the weather is always a factor. This is a free app and is available for most 4G phones.

Army Survival

Whether you are going hiking or camping, this app is the ultimate survival guide. The Army Survival app by Double Dog Studios has information from the U.S. Army field manual. You can find helpful information about poisonous plants, medicinal and edible plants, how to build a shelter, and much more. The Army Survival app helps keep you safe while you are out, and could even help you survive if worse comes to worse. This app costs $1.99 and is currently only available for the iPhone and iPad. For Android users, there are similar apps such as the U.S. Army Survival Guide by Miloroid.

Whitney Adams is a freelance writer for Whitney's articles tend to delve into the more technical and complex problems that society struggles with when it comes to technology. She loves breaking those problems down and offering clear, bite-sized solutions for the average user. When she's not online or surfing Pinterest, Whitney and her camera enjoy taking walks around her quaint home town and exploring the antique markets.

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